Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

2020 3rd International Symposium on Traffic Transportation and Civil Architecture (ISTTCA 2020) accepts original and unpublished papers. 

The papers may include but are not limited to:

A. 交通工程 / Traffic Engineering

1)交通工程理论与应用Theory and applications of   traffic engineering
2)交通控制和信息技术Traffic control and information   technology
3)交通运输和社会经济发展Transportation   and socioeconomic development
4)交通安全、环境保护和可持续发展Transportation   security, environmental protection, and sustainable development
5)城市公共交通规划管理Urban   public transportation planning and management 
6)高速铁路规划、建设和运营组织high-speed railway planning,   construction, and operation organization
7)运输安全Transportation   Safety
8)运输规划Transportation   Planning
9)空运Air   Transportation
10)海上运输Marine   Transportation
11)城市交通Metropolitan   Transportation
12)货物运输Freight   Transportation
13)清洁能源和替代能源Energy   Saving and Alternative Energy
14)汽车尾气处理与环境保护技术Automotive   Exhaust Treatment and Environment Protection Technologies
15)交通基础设施(路面、桥梁)Transportation   Infrastructure (Pavement, Bridge)
16)公路养护和管理Highway   Maintenance and Management
17)运输管理、经济和政策Transportation   Management, Economics and Policy
18)车辆运行Vehicle   Operations
19)水运Water   Transportation

B. 运输系统 / Transportation System

20)轨道交通系统Rail and   Transit Systems
21)电动汽车运输系统Electric   Vehicle Transportation Systems
22)驾驶员和旅行者支持系统Driver   and Traveler Support Systems
23)安全和监控系统Security   and Monitoring Systems
24)交通规划和系统优化Transportation   planning and system optimization
25)智能交通系统Intelligent   Transportation Systems
26)应急响应系统和技术Emergency   Response Systems and Technologies
27)供应链绩效测量系统Systems   of supply chain performance measurement
28)供应链的控制方法Controlling   methods for supply chains
29)供应链合作伙伴之间基于信息技术的绩效驱动因素的利益分配Benefit   allocation of IT-based performance drivers among supply chain partners
30)供应链网络中利润和风险分担的效率Efficiency   of profit and risk sharing in supply chain networks
31)物流节点设计的性能方面Performance   aspects of logistics node design
32)管理方法和供应链绩效之间的相互关系Interrelationships   between management methods and supply chain performance
33)供应链中软因素的度量Measurement   of soft factors in supply chains
34)射频识别作为供应链绩效驱动因素Radio   frequency identification (RFID) as supply chain performance driver
35)基础设施管理的绩效影响Performance   effects of infrastructure management
36)可持续性和供应链绩效Sustainability   and supply chain performance
37)交通网络建模、模拟和优化的创新概念Innovative   concepts for modelling, simulation and optimization of transportation   networks
38)管理物流服务质量Managing   logistics service quality
39)供应链关键绩效指标的制定Development   of key performance indicators (KPI) for supply chains
40)风险管理和供应链绩效Risk   Management and SC Performance
41)瓶颈对供应链绩效的影响Implications   of bottlenecks for supply chain performance
42)复杂性对供应链绩效的影响Effects   of complexity on supply chain performance

C. 土木工程 / Civil Engineering

43)结构工程学Structural   Engineering
44)结构的监测和控制Monitoring and Control Of   Structures
45)结构修复、改造和加固Structural Rehabilitation,   Retrofitting and Strengthening
46)结构的可靠性和耐久性Reliability and Durability of   Structures
47)岩土工程Geotechnical Engineering
48)地质工程Geological Engineering
49)隧道、地铁和地下设施Tunnel, Subway and Underground   Facilities
50)地震工程Seismic Engineering
51)海岸工程Coastal Engineering
52)给排水工程Water Supply and Drainage   Engineering
53)供暖、供气、通风和空调工程Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation   and Air Conditioning Works
54)防灾减灾Disaster Prevention and   Mitigation
55)制图和地理信息系统Cartography and Geographic   Information System
56)测量工程Surveying Engineering
57)计算力学Computational Mechanics
58)施工技术Construction Technology
59)计算机模拟与计算机辅助设计/计算机辅助工程Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE

D. 建筑、建筑材料和工程管理 / Architecture, Building Materials and Engineering Management

60)建筑设计及其理论Architectural   Design and Its Theory
61)建筑技术科学Building Technology Science
62)城市规划与设计Urban Planning and Design
63)景观规划与设计Landscape Planning and Design
64)建筑环境与设备工程Architectural Environment &   Equipment Engineering
65)生态建筑Ecological Architecture
66)传统建筑材料Traditional Construction   Materials
67)高级建筑材料Advanced Construction Materials
68)项目管理Project Management
69)质量工程的监控Monitoring and Control of   Quality Engineering 
70)工程管理Engineering Management

E. 其他相关主题 / Other Related Topics